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What is Oodles?

Oodles is a hotel loyalty and marketing solution aimed at the independent hotel sector. Find out more

How will the rewards scheme work?

At the heart of the platform is a loyalty solution, which rewards guests for booking directly with independent hotels across the UK.

How much does it cost to join Oodles.club?

There is a fixed monthly subscription of £49 per hotel to join Oodles.club.

How will I know if Oodles is performing for my hotel?

Each hotel super user is given login access to the Oodles platform where they will be able to view how many times your hotel has been viewed, and how many times an offer / deal link has been clicked (referred to your website).

Apart from managing the rewards platform; what else can Oodles do for my hotel?

Oodles is also a marketing platform; and will use the extensive membership database to support hotels by promoting a range of deals and offers to the membership on a weekly basis.

How frequently does Oodles send emails to its members?

Members will receive two emails per week (Monday and Friday) and will be tailored to their preferences.

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